The Anglican Bible and Book Society officially began its new Distribution Program today, February 17, 2014. The program provides printed resources–Bibles, Prayer Books, and Hymnals–to Anglican missions, church plants, and small parishes. The resources are freely given to the recipient organizations in order to support their community outreach and worship in the Anglican tradition.

The work of Distribution Program is overseen by the Society’s Distribution Committee, a small group of traditional Anglicans who ensure resources are procured and provided to missions and parishes in need. Serving on the Committee is one way the members support the outreach efforts of Anglican Christianity. The members meet monthly to consider requests for assistance, and supplying the printed materials is handled by one of the Committee’s volunteers.

The Society’s president Father Daniel Sparks had this to say about the new program, “The Society’s distribution work has been inactive for some time. Our board saw the need to renew the program and carefully considered how to do so effectively. Through the diligence of our board and volunteers on the Distribution Committee, the program has been given new life. We are grateful for the generous donors who have provided initial support, and I pray more donors will join us in making this program successful for the good of the Church.”

Learn more about the Distribution Program by clicking here.