About the Society

The Society is being disbanded. It does not provide any type of ministry assistance, sell any products, or accept any donations.


The Anglican Bible and Book Society assists churchmen through missions, education, and publishing.


The Society carries out this mission primarily through

  1. distribution of copies of the Bible, theĀ Book of Common Prayer, and hymnals to Anglican missions works;
  2. providing Anglican educational programs for clergymen and laymen; and
  3. publishing Anglican reference, educational, and worship materials.


We are committed to shoring up the best and essential work of the Christian Church as practiced in the Anglican way.

We acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of men of varying churchmanship, and we draw on the strengths of all orthodox, traditional Anglicans.

We are not in competition with like-minded churchmen. We will cooperate with other traditional Anglican organizations in the interests of the Church.

We are a collaborative group of churchmen from a variety of Anglican jurisdictions. While we pray for the unity of the Church, we are not a committee on ecclesial union.