This year marks the 400th anniversary of the publication of the Authorized Version (or King James Version) of the Holy Bible. We owe a debt of gratitude to those scholars who, hundreds of years ago, labored conscientiously and intensively to produce an accurate, readable, and beautiful translation of the Scriptures.

When I was a child, I attended a church that exclusively used the KJV for services, Sunday school, and all other activities involving Bible reading. Hearing the words of that amazing Book made me yearn for something higher and holier than myself. Each morning, before heading to school, my mother gathered me and my siblings around the kitchen table to read a few chapters from the Scriptures. It was those readings, and the regular memory verses from home and Sunday school, that impressed upon my memory the words of Scripture. Continuous exposure to the Bible ensured that I became familiar with its words and principles.

Join the Anglican Bible and Book Society as we celebrate this historic occasion. We’ll post articles, media, and other features on our website in order to commemorate this anniversary. I also hope you’ll share your own story about how the King James Bible has impacted your life.